Quality policy

1. Quality Policy
Quality first, sustained growth, reputation first, the pursuit of excellence.
Persist in relying on technological progress and continuous improvement of quality, so that products meet or exceed customer expectations, and enhance customer satisfaction.
In order to stabilize and improve product quality, improve work efficiency and reduce management costs, the company has implemented the ISO 9001 quality management system in an all-round way.
Provide appropriate and effective training to every employee.
2. Quality certification: ISO 9001 (CI/132352Q)
3. Quality assurance:

Since its establishment in 2009, the company has put the quality of products in the first place, implemented total quality management, and established a good social reputation with the excellent style of high quality, fast, abide by contracts, and serve wholeheartedly. In order to achieve the quality policy and objectives and meet the requirements of customers and other interested parties, the company strictly establishes and maintains a documented quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the quality management system.

First, the quality management system of pre-prevention: 1) daily PQA conducts on-line inspections of standard elements and quality control points to reduce batch problems and customer feedback rate. (2) Change management: change guided by equipment, methods, personnel, environment and materials in the process of monitoring, so as to ensure that the related changes are implemented after they are approved by customers.

Second, special improvement activities: production processes through full participation in quality management activities, gradually introducing quality management tools: CPTM, one-time peer-to-peer, running online problems timely solution, recurrence prevention. The manufacturing system forms a special improvement team for quality problems, which uses seven methods of quality to analyze, improve and standardize the problem points.

3. Measuring Instruments and Equipment:

     Quality Assurance Audit
 Quality engineering
 Quality control
1.     Data audit
2.     Final audit
3.     Complaint handling
4.    After-sale service
1.     SPC control
2.     MI Audit, Headboard Inspection
3.     Physicochemical experiment
4.     Intermediate inspection
5.     Shipment inspection
1.      100% on-off test
2.      100% appearance examination