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We will provide you competitive salary, welfare as well as growth opportunity:

1、 Salary

1. Search potential customers, develop new customers in America and Europe through cold call;
2. Build, maintain and improve customer relationship, especially serving key accounts, treat customer visiting and plant auditing; 
3. Receive and process customer PO, handle shipping, settlement and customer complaint.
4. Implement company marketing policy, provide information in the field of market trend, supply and demand, handle feedback from customer and competitors.
2.International sales experience in developing new customers(Priority). 
3.International sales experience in exporting, foreign business and electronic products (Priority). 
4.Capable of working under high pressure;Suitable for overtime work;Work actively.
5.Good communicating skills in English, Excellent in English Speaking, Writing and Listening;
6.Good computer skills,familiar with Microsoft Office.

3、Intelligence raising

4、Degree promotion

5、Food and accommodation

6、Paid holiday

7.Shenzhen household register



Sales Engineer

Job Responsibilities:


Job Requirements:

1.Bachelor degree in international trade, English language, Electronics, or equivalent experience. 

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